While having gym equipment is essential for members to reach their maximum potential, gym mats and rubber floorings are necessary items your business must not overlook. Quality sports rubber flooring will protect your gym from any damage. The sheer weight of heavy equipment and its edges can scrape the floor gym tiles and cost you a lot for repairs. Not to mention, the sight of scuffs and scratches is unsightly to potential new members.

Gym floor anti-fatigue mats are also anti-slip, which helps secure footing, stability, and grip to support your athlete’s workouts and ensure safety. Morgan’s heavy-duty interlocking floor mats are made from high-density EVA foams that offer a safe cushion and absorb shock from falls.

These interlocking rubber mats are super easy to instal and any gym owner can add them without much instruction. They are also easy to clean, change, and store away. We stock a full range of gym floor mats for sale, including exercise mats ideal for any fitness enthusiasts as well as wall pads and pole protectors perfect for martial arts dojos.

Galvanised Steel Foot Grate [3.2ft X 3.2ft]


Galvanised Steel Foot Grate [3.2ft X 3.2ft]

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